A to Z Everything about Fatih Terim...

   He was born in Adana in 1953. He recalls his childhood days as starting work with his father at the age of 6 as the son of a labourer without land in the middle of Adana. He played football in the narrow and dusty streets of Adana and left school after studying the second year of High School.

     Fatih Terim has always had a wild personality, his life has been full of fights on and off the pitch. His offences consist of head butting an opposition player, spitting in the face of the referee, head butting another referree because he showed his team mate a red card and he was also involved in a few fights in night clubs. He was always punished for any ofences he committed. He got married in 1982 and calmed down. His football career started with Adana Demirspor at the age of 16. Within 3 years he became the Captain of Demirspor Football Team. He was very proud and nervous When he became the team Captain and gave the usual speech to his team mates in the tunnel before the game, asking them to follow him, but when he arrived at the centre of the pitch he realised that none of his team mates were behind him, he recalls this time saying the excitement of the day made him run very fast and nobody else could catch him!!!!!! He drew a lot of attention to himself with the footballing skills he performed with Adana Demirspor. With his help Adana Demirspor became the Second Division Champions and earned promotion to the First Division.

     During those days he was playing as a striker and managed to catch the attention of the National Team Manager and soon received the call to play for the National Team. He played his first international game against Romania. In 1974 he moved to Galatasaray FC, where he played in defence. During the 11 years he played with Galatasaray they never won a League Championship. He did however win 51 caps between 1984-95 for the National Team.

    After retiring as a player, he undertook a Trainer Course and after successfully completing this course he became the Manager of Ankaragucu FC during 1988-89. He then worked for Goztepe FC for one year. He went on to become the Manager of the Under 21 National Team from 1990-93 and then earned promotion as the Turkish National Team Manager. Under his management, and for the first time in Turkish football history, the National Team qualified for the European Championship.         

   In 1996, after European Championship which was held in England, he retured to Galatasaray FC as their Manager. His managerial days have been full of success. He won the League Championship Cup for 4 successive years. In 2000, with Fatih Terim as their manager, Galatasaray won UEFA CUP and became the first and only Turkish Team to win this title, earning him the nickname "THE EMPEROR" from the Galatasary FC fans.

   After this success, he moved to Italy to Manage Fiorentina Fc where he became a very popular personality in the town but he resigned from his position after a dispute with the Chairman.

   One year later, he became the Manager of Milan FC and during the early days of the season he was dismissed when Milan where in 3rd position in the table. Both the Milan Fans and the Italian Sports Critics reported that this dismissal was unfair.

A year later he returned to Galatasaray FC as Manager where he currently holds this position.

As Mavilacivert_List we wish him every success for his future.